I come from this beautiful, tight-knit, happy middle-class family in Manchester and have very humble beginnings. I’m a massive believer of Law of Attraction and positive energy, I always focus towards what I want, and I have always got it, that’s how my brain works…nothing is impossible to achieve.


Sometimes you will experience that life knocks you down lower than you have ever been just so that you can find the strength you hold within.  In my late 20’s  I was  kicked hard by life and everything around me was just falling apart. I was in an empty loveless marriage, I was not enjoying my life as just a housewife anymore or even life in general, everything was a routine. I was letting go of my body and somewhere unconsciously letting go of my positive connection with myself. 


With this one thought and with a lot of determination I started to move forward and within 8 years I got divorced and came back from Saudi Arabia with my 2 beautiful daughters. I studied hard and worked hard on myself. I was living life on my own terms again and this time I wanted others to see what was possible for them as well. With this intention, I plunged into Coaching.  


I believe that I can help you with my coaching in order for you to change, Transformation can happen even in a moment. It is that little shift in the mindset that changes your life completely and I understood it when my life transformed in a moment with just this one thought – I need to take my power back. I need to take charge of MY LIFE because I deserve BETTER and I won’t settle for LESS.


Since 2000, I have coached thousands of people towards happier lives. I work face-to-face in the UK or Worldwide. I see most of my clients face to face, either in my office or at their home, and I also have many international clients who I work with over Skype or via telephone, and it is just as effective!

I am a full-time professional Life Coach. I offer one of the most unique life coaching styles in the UK. This work is my own authenticity, my spiritual path, my creative expression. It is my dedication to making a positive difference in your life. I coach and inspire from within I always say the mindset separates the best from the rest!


People work with me as their personal coach because I walked my talk. 


The areas I cover include, but are not limited to:


• Happiness/ fulfilment level


• Relationships/dating


• Sense of purpose/ goal setting


• Grief, Loss and bereavement


• Individual challenges


• Work/ life balance


• Career challenges in the office


• Young Adult Challenges


• Confidence/ self-belief

• Self-love


• Motivation


• Personal development


• Interests/ passions


• Stress reduction


• Health/ wellbeing


• Weight loss/ gain

Other things you might like to know about me:

• I swear a lot.
• I’m always happy.
• I love middle eastern food.
• I’m shit scared of dogs.
• My extreme confidence is OFTEN mistaken with arrogance.
• I’m prepared to try everything once (once upon a time).
• In everything I do, I always aim for perfection and don’t like to settle for anything less.

• I always say aim high! and work your way down.
• I sometimes sleep with my makeup... I know it's a no no but cest la vie, what can I do it won’t kill me. 
• I have a magnetic and infectious personality.
• I love empowering people and building their confidence…..just can’t help myself.
• I love social media. 
• I love fashion.
• I love traveling and meeting new people from all walks of life.

Why Me?

People work with me as their personal coach because I walked my talk. 




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Manchester Royal Exchange

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